Free Betting Sites CSGO & Their Peculiarities

There are plenty of various places where you are able to enjoy betting on esports. CSGO or Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a popular online video game, the outcome of which depends on many factors, including human. When making bets, consider many parameters. This will help reduce the risk of losing. Before making bets, it is important to find a proper service. Quite often, you are able to join free betting sites CSGO without obligatory money deposit.

When users choose CSGO betting sites, they should take into account where it is possible to place bets on CSGO with real money or those where bets are accepted by gaming things. You can bet skins on esports exchanges while at traditional CSGO betting websites you need to replenish the balance with money.

How to bet on CSGO Betting sites

The betting procedure is the same for all CSGO betting sites. Still, if you are a newcomer to gambling you can learn here how to place CSGO bets.

  • In the beginning, you should find CSGO betting sites to make bet;
  • Open the CSGO betting sites;
  • Click on the register or login button. If registration is required, fill out the form and wait for confirmation from the service;
  • Place some funds to your account;
  • Find the esports section, which contains the tournament and the matches;
  • Select an outcome and click on the odds in the field;
  • Enter the amount in the coupon, add, if desired, the outcomes of other CSGO matches;
  • Place your bet;

After the end of the match, the CSGO betting sites will calculate the bets within 12-24 hours and pay out the winnings if the player has placed money on the correct outcome.

Types of Bets on CSGO Betting Sites

Every website is different and offers not the same types of bets for CSGO. Thus, you can find here the most common betting options which you may encounter.

  • on the winner of the match or a draw;
  • handicaps, card totals, rounds;
  • first murder;
  • killing with one of the objects, for example, with a knife, pistol, mining;
  • the number of murders in a certain period of time;
  • the team to win the first 5-10 rounds;
  • overtime probability;
  • accurate account;
  • long-term predictions for winning the current tournament, etc.

It is better to bet Live on individual outcomes since after the start of the match it is easier to predict the course of the game.

CSGO Betting Sites Reviews


This CSGO betting service has its own analytical department. Analysts independently calculate the coefficients, but it is impossible to say for sure if this applies to esports. CSGO matches are sorted by the tournament. Competitions included both professional and amateur. There are even games on the list that will start within 2-3 weeks.

There is an additional list for almost all games, including those that start on the current day or are running now. The downside is that in online games it takes some time to change the odds, while in live bets this can affect the winnings. The odds are relatively high. The margin is in the range of 4-6%. 1xBEt has a negative attitude towards fraud, violation of the rules, and the use of prohibited strategies.


On the website of Fonbet, eSports has been moved to a separate section. He is also in the list of games in Line and Live. The choice of games in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is small, the list also leaves much to be desired. In the CSGO Line, only the main outcomes for the winner of the battle. In Live CSGO match betting, an additional list of individual results is available: totals, handicaps, exact score, etc. The lack of an expanded list spoils the pleasure of the game a little.


You can place a bet on the BetsCSGO esports exchange after registration or authorization on the Steam game server. A scanty list of current and upcoming tournaments. In the additional list, individual outcomes by cards, rounds, including the period of time during which 5 or 10 kills will occur, the first kill with a certain object.

The peculiarity of the cybersport site is in the format of displaying quotes. There are no usual odds as they are indicated as a percentage of how many players have bet on a particular outcome. BetsCSGO does not take into account margin in quotes but takes a 10% commission on winnings. is an international gambling and betting service. You will find here major and minor CSGO tournaments. By exchanging, you can pay for the coupon with real money, replenishing the deposit in a convenient way, with skins, game items. You can also get skins for participating in sports betting and then use them in bets. The number of individual outcomes can reach 10-15. margin is slightly higher than in bookmakers 7-10%.